This document explains the rules followed by Les Ateliers to write a Changelog and the commit messages.

A shell script is proposed with the Console objects.

Commit messages

Our commit messages must follow this construction rule:

A short title for the commit changes (less than 80 characters)

And, after a blank line, the full description of the changes, that can be ...

... on multiple lines ...

And contains an infos like:
Bug: URL or ID
Fix #ID

To open a text editor from command line to fill your message just run:

~$ git commit


The rules are inspired (but are not really following) the GNU projects Changelog rules.

To write a Changelog information files, it is important to identify the version concerned. So we may separate each changes blocks by declared versions, such as tags as long as they are defined for each major AND minor new version. The result should be something like:

version X.Y.Z(n) - date

    the list of changes from old version to this one

version X.Y.Z(n-1) - date


A list of changes is a list of commits, organized by date showing for each commit: its title, its author, the commit date and time, its abbreviated hash and the full commit message. Each line of the message must be less than 80 characters (it must be cut if necessary).


  * test for commit message rules
    Piero Wbmstr <> | 2013-03-29 23:39:08 +0100 | 262e522
      mqlskdjf jkqmsldfjqmlsdkjf jkMLkjqk sdjfmlqksdjfmlqksdjmflk JKMlkjqks

      qsdfmlkj JKLmkj jmlkjqsdf

      See bug: #2345   

  * Including a Profiler in the global template with page and system infos
    PïeroWbmstr <> | 2013-03-29 11:01:25 +0100 | 55d0e02

  * wip ...
    Piero Wbmstr <> | 2013-03-29 09:24:35 +0100 | 651630a


  * Oups, a forgotten template for search results
    PïeroWbmstr <> | 2013-03-28 12:04:27 +0100 | 091dab7

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