Our Packages

This document shows the global architecture of our PHP packages.

Pure PHP stuff: the basics

The patterns

A set of PHP classic interfaces or abstract classes patterns to guide PHP developments.

The global library

Our PHP library for everyday usage.


A PHP validators package to test RFC's compliance.

Webserver filesystem

Extending the SPL file system to manage webserver based file system (such as assets).

Media processing

A package to manipulate media files such as images.


Some PHP classes to do mathematics

Development & debug (under development)

A PHP Package to help development and debugging

Assets stuff: the web-basics

Assets library

Our javascript/CSS library

FamFamFam Silk icons sprites

The UNOFFICIAL sprites - Original icons work from www.famfamfam.com

FamFamFam Flags icons sprites

The UNOFFICIAL sprites - Original icons work from www.famfamfam.com

Gentleface icons sprites

The UNOFFICIAL sprites - Original icons work from www.gentleface.com

Shell stuff: the command-line tools

The PiWi bash library

An open source day-to-day bash library

Development tools

Tools & facilities to manage app packages' development

Third-party plugins

Assets manager (Composer plugin)

A Composer plugin to manage "assets" package type

Assets bootstrapper (Bootstrap + Font Awesome)

The Bootstrap & Font-Awesome libraries ready to use with the atelierspierrot/templatengine

Framework packages


A PHP package to manage i18n: translations, pluralizations and date and number formats according to a localization

MIME mailer

A PHP class to send rich MIME emails.


A PHP API to get infos and manage a GIT distant or local repository


A PHP engine to manage web-services easily

Template engine

A PHP package to build HTML5 views (based on HTML5 Boilerplate layouts)


Markdown extended

A complete PHP 5.3 version of the Markdown syntax parser


Simple CMS PHP app to build rich HTML5 views from a Markdown contents filesystem

Copyleft (c) 2008-2014 Les Ateliers Pierrot - Paris, France - Some rights reserved.

Scripts are licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3.

Contents are licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike - Unported - version 3.0 license.